University of Michigan's Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS) Sticker Sheet
I illustrated a set of science-themed stickers for University of Michigan's Program in Biomedical Sciences (PIBS). The printed sticker sheet was distributed to 1st year biomed students as part of a welcome package. The project brief requested that I include the institution's logos and brand colors. From left to right, top row to bottom row, the illustrations depict: a DNA helix, a petri dish, a brain with sunglasses, a lab coat,  the molecular structure of coffee, a nucleus (with a smiley face), a microscope, safety goggles, a cell structure, mitochondria, and a beaker. To achieve texture, I used RSCo's Classic Inker and Crumble Crayon in Procreate. I then vectorized and colored the images in Adobe Illustrator. 
Amusement Park of Love Poster
This is an illustrated map of the "Amusement Park of Love", presented as a poster.  Each amusement park attraction represents  a situation or state of emotion that often occurs during the dating process. With this project, my goal was to visualize the abstract and intangible. I drew each individual element on paper with an ink pen in black and white, scanned them, and vectorized and colored the images in Adobe Illustrator. The end result blends my love of analogue art and my appreciation for the flexibility and power of digital art. 
This digital illustration was created as part of Michigan Medicine's Culture of Accountability Roadmap. It's an onboarding process for new hires that explains the cultural values of the institution.  The multiple stages of the onboarding process that new employees complete are represented as a road that circles the institution. 
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